Microsoft starttasi koulutuskiertueen Kajaanista

Microsofts CloudCamp -trainings for beginner Microsoft Azure developers started in Kajaani. Monday 3.11.2014 at Kajaani, Microsofts CloudCamp training started Microsofts Finlands tour. During that new Azure experts will be trained with most resent cloud service tools. Training includes technical workshop for developers, students and start-up companies.

One of the KAMK teachers, Esa Niiranen said following. (Translated by Keijo Pitkäniemi) “It’s great that we have staff from Microsoft to train the students and staff of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and local partners. Supercomputers, DataCenter services and their utilization , not to mention that using the latest applications and professionals in the training, open up new possibilities for our university to work with Microsoft. Additionally new internship and thesis possibilities are interesting.”

In CloudCamp -educations Microsofts professionals teach using the latest cloud service tools (i.a. Microsoft Azure and Mobile Services) and tell how those services can be used in current solutions regardless the technology.

Through company guests and company examples Microsoft provides example cases, which have been faced by startups and companies trying to have cloud.

The training will answer the question “Why cloud services?”, in other words it will show reasons to why cloud services and -computing can be much better than old systems. (having their own servers)

Training gives readiness to start projects on your own, no matter if it was scoreboard for a game or storagesystems for webstores.

Microsofts training tour will peak at December in Helsinki, when there will be Azure 24 hour Hackathon -event. In the event companies and students get to realise their own ideas and to network with other developers and companies.

Instructor in Kajaani was Microsofts Technical “Evangelist” Mikko Kasanen.

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