Kesäprojektien yhteenveto

Summer in DClab went quickly. The first priority that was the  business customers’ projects were finished successfully. Even though DClabs infrastructure was under many updates and remodelling, the summer students fared well. Many students showed surprising amounts of expertice, which guaranteed success of the projects.

Most of the projects were web services. Other big projects were i.a. rendering tests for graphics and LAN-party organizating. LAN-party at Autumn, organized by DC students, Kamk Game Fest, offered chance for students to hone their social and productional skills. It was delight to hear that students got i.a. Gigantti to sponsor the event.

During summer it became clear that writing code is essential skill, it has lots of demand. I learnd the importance of being organized and being able to schedule clearly. I also learned social skills which were needen when communicating with business customers.

I belive that every participant got something new besides course credits. This summer study method was very successfull in my point of view and will continue in following summers.

Project manager of Summer Projects Miikka Heikkinen KAT11J