In the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology (210 credits) which is spread out over 3,5 years, it is possible to choose studies specializing in data center solutions, that can be over 100 credits.
We have chosen virtualization as the key teaching tool in data center solutions, which is taught in our state of the art data center laboratory. Another key aspect of studies is server and network environments and their management. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is involved in Microsoft and VMWare IT Academy programs, which provide resources for our students for their whole study time. For advanced students we provide a possibility to certify themselves in products from different suppliers. Studies in data center solutions gives you neccessary knowledge to work for example as a systems specialist, trainer, IT designer or IT operations manager.

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Contents of the studies Timo Partanen Puh. 044 7101 376 firstname.lastname@kajak.fi Applying and studying Admissions office / Hakutoimisto Puh. (08) 6189 9648, gsm 044 7101 648, hakutoimisto@kajak.fi

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