Datacenter students have implemented the following projects as part of their studies:

  • Creating a cluster that fits to flight bag for CSC using Intel NUC computers
  • Creating new Kajak DC website
  • Data collection from ABB’s robots to the cloud
  • Enabling StruxureWare software in the Kajak DC data center
  • Presentation of Robots for seniors on SeniorSurf Day
  • Organizing DC-club for new students
  • Organizing Get Online 2016 Game Event’s technology
  • Organizing the Kamk GameFest (KGF) 2016 event
  • Testing of data center rendering in a DC lab
  • Network testing console games for Basemark
  • Participation in NDBS2016 event’s arrangements
  • Organizing Northern Game Summit (NGS) 2016 event’s technology
  • Planning of SharePoint-platform based Intranet for the city of Kajaani
  • Clarification of web conferencing systems technology for the city of Kajaani
  • Clarification of AV solution in the Kajaani City council chamber
  • Testing Citrix XenDesktop Desktop Virtualization for CitiusNet Oy
  • Deployment of the Kainuu Brigade canteen workstations
  • Testing of Print Management Software for the Kainuu province
  • Arrangement of IT information for new students at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
  • Designing and implementing the ICT Business Day Visitors Survey
  • Setting up the orienteering results service network for Kainuun Rastiviikko 2012 event
  • Organizing KAMK Game Fest’s infra and creating arrangement manual
  • Testing of rendering in CSC’s data center
  • IT-support for the press of World Orienteering Championships 2013
  • Design and implementation of the DC-studies presentation for KAMK’s open doors
  • Planning of geocaching for Sokos Hotel Vuokatti
  • Editing an appointment booking system for project
  • Migration of the Rasi-Hyry ry’s Web site to a new platform
  • Editing the website of the Kajaani Region Diabetes Association
  • The introduction of the old IBM system and blade frame in the DC lab
  • Implementing a Sharepoint Documentation System in DC Lab
  • The modification of a greenhouse into KAMK’s test environment (measurement of the heat output of a data center)
  • Setting up a video service to support DC teaching
  • Network speed test of virtual machines for Herman IT
  • Going through CSC’s service catalog
  • Introduction IBM TSM in the DC Lab
  • Creating web pages for the Kainuu Pensioners’ Association
  • Setting up and connecting MAC server to the DC lab infrared
  • Improvement KAMK’s gaming and DC studies integration
  • Assisting the Kainuu SOTE federation in WIN7 migration


KamkGameFest (KGF) is the annual event organized by the first year data center students. The event has been organized since 2013 and is implemented as a project managed solely by students. The event is primarily a learning experience for the project team, but it is also intended to provide a competitive framework compared to other online gaming events in the surrounding area.

As a learning experience, KamkGameFest gives students the experience of project and team work, event organization, network design and implementation. There are also tournaments, including Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros, Dota 2 and CS: GO, organized in the event.

The website of the event can be found here.

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