Hall of Fame

We have the best students in Finland and all of them have brought something new to our DC-studies with their knowledge and skills. Our students are the reason why we want to constantly improve our learning environment. Our Hall of Fame includes students that have, besides their regular studies, improved and advanced the Data Center learning environment to become best in Finland. Thank you all.

Kajak DC -brand

Paula Kivistö KAT10J
Miro Vesterinen KAT11P
Ilkka Sorsa TTK14SD
Kiia Hautamäki TTK15SD
Jasmin Huttunen TTK15SD


Kajak DC goes Funet

Mikko Koskela KAT13J
Touko Möttönen KAT13J


From sensor to cloud

Antero Juutinen KAT13J

Kamk Game Fest (KGF)

KAT12J group      


First Black Book

 Milla-Roosa Waris TTK15SD

Kajak DC goes IPv6 (+ personal DNSes)

Otto Kemppainen TTK17SD

This list is managed by Joona. If you think something is missing, please contact him.

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