KajakDC itsenäistyy

On Friday 27th of January 2017 at 0843 hours history was being made in regards  to KajakDC students and teachers.

Datacenter-laboratory’s data center had been the salve of the KAMK firewall and the rules associated with it. We are a part of a bigger organisation and its network policies so this issue has been a  given. In reality this meant that the different services would work within DC-lab but without the few exceptions far and between nothing has been visible to the Internet.

Now –  a change has been achieved – and we have a direct link to Europe-wide Funet-network! In practice we bypass KAMK’s firewall and rules.

Earlier KajakDC has been known for how unique its data center is and how it is maintained and admnistered by the students themselves. From hereon it shall be known also for the fact how the connection to the internet is wholly maintained by students! The responsibility and freedom with connecting to the Internet has been trasnferred to the students.

“Booyah!” – As commented by one DC teacher

Students are responsible for what shows to the public Internet and what does not – allowing hereby an actual, practical learning environment. For example the different student projects such as web and API services can be taken public just like they are in the real world.

We have become independent and the day has been announced as the DC independency day by the students. By agreement reached with the lecturers January 27th has been declared as a holiday for DC-students. This new era is being taken with much antipication and excitement – the associated opportunities and challenges are on everybody’s minds.

Inter spem et metum