Valtiovarainministeri vierailulla 14.3.2014

Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen visited Kajaani University of Applied Sciences at Friday 14.3.2014 and got familiar with Datacenter program and students own datacenter. Accompanying Minister in picture are Principal Turo Kilpeläinen and Jukka-Pekka Partanen from CSC.


Vieraita Howestin yliopistosta 4.10.2013

Group of Howest Howestin vieraat CSC:n konesalikäynnilläuniversity (Belgium) staff visited Kajaani 4.10.2013. Howest is our schools exchange partner and even datacenter student can go there as exchange students. Till now there’s been mostly just students from game development side.

Our principal took some of the Belgium guests to visit datacenter at Renforsin Ranta, which CSCs Jukka-Pekka Partanen showed around.

Alumnipäivä Kajaanin amk:lla ke 20.11.2013

Hei KajakDC -alumni!

Tervetuloa seuraavaan alumnitapahtumaamme keskiviikkona 20.11.2013. Kyseessä on ensimmäinen koko amk:n yhteinen tapahtuma, joka järjestetään ravintola Kisällissä (os. Ketunpolku 1) klo 16.15–18.00.

Ohjelmassa on mm. hyvää ruokaa ja jos mahdollista, vieläkin parempaa seuraa. Samalla suunnittelemme tulevaa alumnitoimintaa ja kuulemme mielellämme myös Sinun mielipiteesi ja toiveesi siihen liittyen. Tapahtuman tarjoaa KAMK:n alumnitoiminta.

Ilmoittautumiset sähköpostilla: alumnit(at) tai puh. 044 7101 518 perjantaihin 8.11.2013 mennessä. Ilmoita samalla mahdolliset erityisruokavaliot.


Muista liittyä alumnirekisteriin (, jotta tavoitat viestit myöhemminkin.

Samalla voit liittyä myös facebook-ryhmään:

VMworld Barcelona 15.-17.10.2013

VMworlds European event was held in Barcelona. It had attendance of 8300 (, Joona Tolonen and Timo Partanen from Kajaani UAS. Once again new products and technologies were published in the event, here is heading level summary from lectures:



In the event VMware introduced their new certificate program, which makes possible to perform Accociate level tests ( These mentioned test are for free for our students. It’s because we are a member of VMware Academy – more info from program will be told in our institution.

In VMworld partisipants get to see different technologies with Hands-on-Labs ( These kinds of lab works are available from various fields and they usually take up to 90 minutes. These labs usually have long queues, but this year there were pretty much none.

More info from event at:

Kesäprojektien yhteenveto

Summer in DClab went quickly. The first priority that was the  business customers’ projects were finished successfully. Even though DClabs infrastructure was under many updates and remodelling, the summer students fared well. Many students showed surprising amounts of expertice, which guaranteed success of the projects.

Most of the projects were web services. Other big projects were i.a. rendering tests for graphics and LAN-party organizating. LAN-party at Autumn, organized by DC students, Kamk Game Fest, offered chance for students to hone their social and productional skills. It was delight to hear that students got i.a. Gigantti to sponsor the event.

During summer it became clear that writing code is essential skill, it has lots of demand. I learnd the importance of being organized and being able to schedule clearly. I also learned social skills which were needen when communicating with business customers.

I belive that every participant got something new besides course credits. This summer study method was very successfull in my point of view and will continue in following summers.

Project manager of Summer Projects Miikka Heikkinen KAT11J